If you have been searching for a solution to wrist pain, aching shoulders, or stiff joints, we've got you covered! Here at Yoga for Knotted Knitters, we are dedicated to helping you feel great so you can knit well. We provide resources and education so that you will know how to take care of your body (and mind) in order to knit sustainably.

Our Zoom classes are now on Monday mornings from 11-noon Pacific. You are invited to join us here and meet Marcie and our growing community! You can sign up for the whole series or drop in to one class at a time. You'll also want to check out our free resources below that will bring flexibility and ease to your body today!

To find out about what knitters are saying about Yoga for Knotted Knitters, scroll down to our testimonial section below.

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Sample Practice

Try a free, 15-minute, chair yoga practice and notice how your body responds so positively to this practice that has been designed with the knitter’s body in mind.

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Curious about how yoga can help knitters? Watch this introductory webinar – Yoga for Knotted Knitters Explained –  to find out! Includes a second free practice.

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  • Talitha in Massachusetts

    “I met Marcie at Vogue Knitting LIVE, Minnesota. Her vibe is so peaceful and nurturing. Her voice is so soothing. I’d never done any yoga, but I wanted more of that centeredness that she exudes. Truly, 5-10 minutes spent doing her Yoga Swatches a day is changing my body and my thinking on so many levels. I feel stronger, calmer, and just more ready to face whatever the day might hold after a Yoga Swatch. I find myself taking 60 seconds to be aware of my breath, to scan my body and relax the tense parts, in the oddest places: the checkout line, sitting in traffic, waiting for appointments, while my kids brush their teeth at night. It’s making more of a difference than I thought possible. You should give it a try, just to see what it can do for you. You really should.”

    Talitha in Massachusetts
  • Gail in Wisconsin

    “I liked the variety of focus, length of sessions, and that the sessions are available when I am ready to do them. The only surprise was that I can benefit from short intermittent yoga sessions. I don’t need to set aside an hour or wear special clothes. Marcie is a gentle teacher who can instruct even this stiff old body into poses that help me loosen up from sitting too long with my knitting sticks. The gentle movements and measured stretches don't leave me sore or disappointed in myself.”

    Gail in Wisconsin
  • Laura in Minnesota

    “Marcie’s yoga practices are accessible to absolutely everyone. If you have experience with yoga, Marcie’s videos and webinars give you exercises that you can do at home and that focus specifically on knitters’ needs. If you’re new to yoga, you can follow along with Marcie easily - she doesn’t use a lot of intimidating yoga jargon and makes sure her exercises can be done by people of all ages, bodies, and abilities.”

    Laura in Minnesota
  • Anne in Seattle

    “The video library is so useful. If I want a 5-minute practice to take a break and re-focus my day, there are several options. It is a nice pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a good way to unwind before bed. If I want a longer practice, the 20+ minute choices are also wonderful. I’m also thrilled to see more new options arriving every month. If you are looking for an easy way to add self-care moments to your day, this is it. If you like the mindful movement practices you’ve already seen from Yoga for Knotted Knitters, you will love the way the membership gives you easy access to just the perfect little video you are looking for, right when you need it. The movements are simple but so very effective. Marcie has a warm easy manner as she guides you through these useful movements. The videos are refreshing and encouraging.”

    Anne in Seattle
  • “I did them yesterday and it was lovely! Swatches are perfect for my life right now!”

    Karen in Tucson