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If you have been searching for a solution to wrist pain, aching shoulders, or stiff joints, we've got you covered! Here at Yoga for Knotted Knitters, we are dedicated to helping you feel great so you can knit well. We provide resources, education, and fun so that you (and your crafty friends) will know how to take care of your bodies (and minds) to keep knitting! Click below for a free, gentle yoga practice that will bring flexibility and ease to your body today! 

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Notice how your body responds so positively to this practice that has been designed with the knitter’s body in mind.

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  • I took a break for tea and email - and found this Yoga for Knotted Knitters Sample video. I stopped everything and tried the short practice ... it was exactly what I needed! Thank you Marcie for this fantastic resource! I'm sending the link to every knitter I know. And people who type ... and drive cars .... and hold kids... and .....

    Anne in Seattle
  • I love these short stretches! Marcie makes you feel like you are having a private yoga lesson with her.

    Penny in Prescott
  • I did them yesterday and it was lovely! Swatches are perfect for my life right now!

    Karen in Tucson