Yoga for Knotted Knitters is dedicated to keeping knitters and crafters of all kinds healthy and happy. We offer live, streaming classes; free Yoga Swatch videos on our YouTube channel; and give workshops teaching knitters how to take care of their bodies. Follow us on the Nourishing Breath Yoga Facebook Page.

Marcie Leek is a yoga instructor based in Seattle, Washington. She has over 1,200 hours of experience teaching yoga and over 500 hours of yoga teacher training in the Viniyoga tradition. She also teaches English as a Second Language during the school year. When she's not teaching yoga, you can often find her knitting! Like you, Marcie is interested in sustainable knitting and, perhaps also like you, she has been known to knit herself into stiffness, pain, and even injury. She created Yoga for Knotted Knitters as a way to help all who desire to stretch and strengthen, gain body awareness and flexibility, and cultivate habits that contribute to sustainable creativity and that help us avoid - or recover from - injury. You can find out more about Marcie on her website at nourishingbreathyoga.com, and you can reach her at marcie@yogaforknottedknitters.com.


Opal the Dog sometimes checks in with us on videos to be sure we're stretching properly!