Knitters, let us help you unwind!

Are you surprised at how stiff your body is after knitting?

Do you worry about repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome sidelining your creativity?

Is it too easy for you to tune out your body’s needs when you are immersed in a project?

Have we got something for you!

Introducing the Yoga for Knotted Knitters Premium Membership, which includes all our live classes and an online video + streaming platform for knitters who are interested in learning how to keep their bodies and minds healthy through yoga practices. When you join our premium membership, you will benefit from:

Free, live online classes most Fridays (11:00 am – 12:00 pm Pacific)

24/7 access to our Video Library with over 50 videos designed with the knitter in mind.

Stiff neck? We’ve got you covered! Aching hands? Let us help! Practices focus on different parts of your body, themes, or aspects of yoga that will be particularly beneficial to the knitter’s body and mind.

Created specifically for knitters (and crafters) by a knitter (and crafter)!

Each practice offers simple, safe and effective sequences created with the knitter in mind. Learn how easy it is for you to keep your knitter’s body healthy through simple, mindful movements.

No experience with yoga? Not a problem!

Marcie’s coaching is in plain language and easy to follow. Classes are beginner-friendly, and videos offer options for different experience levels and abilities.

Choose from a variety of lengths and modalities.

While live classes are an hour in length, the videos in our library range from 3 to 30+ minutes – so your yoga practice can fit your schedule on any given day. Our Friday classes will usually take place in a chair and standing up, and video practice modalities in the Video Library vary from chair to floor to standing (or a combination of these) allow you to tailor your practice to your needs on a given day.

Adapt for your body.

Adaptations of many poses allow you to customize your practice for your body and your experience level.

Enjoy our customized Video Library.

Our Video Library allows you to search instantly for the video you want, so you no longer need to scroll through video after video to find the perfect fit. Members have ongoing access to all archived practice videos, webinars, and Yoga Swatches.

Available anywhere.

For ease of use, classes are streamed on Zoom, and your videos are available on any device in any place that gives you access to the Internet.

Feel the difference!

Improved flexibility and circulation make your crafting and your day-to-day life so much more comfortable. Try it and see for yourself!

And the first month is free!

We are so confident that you will love how you feel as a result of a regular yoga practice that we want to help you jumpstart your new habit. We offer your first month at no cost to you! You can cancel at any time.

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