Premium Membership

Knitters, let us help you unwind!

Are you surprised at how stiff your body is after knitting?

Do you worry about repetitive stress injury and carpal tunnel syndrome sidelining your creativity?

Is it too easy for you to tune out your body's needs when you are immersed in a project?

Have we got something for you!

Introducing the Yoga for Knotted Knitters Premium Membership, an online community of knitters who are interested in learning how to keep their bodies and minds healthy through yoga practices. When you join our Yoga for Knotted Knitters Premium Membership community, you will benefit from:

Two new videos every month to keep your knuckles unknotted, your hands happy, and your body blooming!  

Available anywhere (and on any device) you have access to the Internet for ease of use.

Including adaptations so you can customize your practice for your body and your experience level.

Feel the difference that improved flexibility and circulation make to your body!

A private Facebook group to keep you connected

Our communication hub will be our private Facebook page, we will share ideas and resources and have members-only, monthly live "Yogalongs" and Q & A sessions.

Quarterly webinars to keep you informed and entertained

These webinars will focus on expanding your information about how (and why) to take care of your body, exploring the complementary aspects of yoga and knitting, and introducing you to inspiring people in the world of knitting!

Advance access to our Yoga Swatches to keep you practicing

As soon as they are created, all  Yoga Swatches are available to our Premium Membership Community, so you don't have to wait for them to be released on YouTube!

Ongoing access to all archived practice videos, webinars, and Yoga Swatches to keep you happy

Premium Members can easily access recordings of all kinds in our simple and searchable video library. Users can select videos through the use of filters (length and type of practice) or by simply scanning the table and choosing the video that suits their purposes. It's that easy!

And more!

Yoga for Knotted Knitters is currently in beta testing! If you would like to be contacted  when memberships are available for purchase, contact Marcie here.