TriplePlay: Neck, Shoulders, Back

Love our Yoga Swatches, conference mini-sessions, and workshops?

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Our new TriplePlay is perfect for you!

Three of our most popular, and simplest, videos for only $14.99!

Your TriplePlay gives you access to three videos that focus on three of the most common painful areas of the knitter’s body: your neck, shoulders, and back. The videos have been created to help you quickly, gently, and safely bring movement, circulation, and healing to your body. Whether you are working preventatively or coming back from injury, you will love the simplicity and ease of these videos as well as the benefits of the practices!

No experience with yoga? Not a problem!

Marcie’s coaching is in plain language and easy to follow. These videos require no props or fancy moves. You will be led through short, mindful movement and breath practices that will bring ease to your knitter’s body.

Practices include:

  • Neck, Shoulders, Sides, Aaahhhhh (length: 14:09) You will begin this practice sitting in a chair, continue while standing, and end in your chair with a satisfied “Aaaahhhhhh.” After this sequence of neck, shoulder, arm, and side stretches, you will be ready for more knitting!
  • Back and Shoulders (length: 14:14) This practice takes place entirely in a chair, but don’t let its simplicity fool you. As we sit and knit, our backs and shoulders get achey because they are mostly still. The reaches, twists, and targeted stretching in this video will bring them length and ease.
  • Upper Body (length: 8:24) You can do this practice on the floor or even in your bed! It will bring gentle stretching to your neck, the top of your shoulders, between your shoulder blades, and your back – all those places where stress and tension like to hide.

This one-time purchase is available anywhere, any time you have Internet access.

For ease of use, your videos are available on any device in any place that gives you access to the Internet. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with your personal link that will connect you to your videos. It’s that easy.

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