Videos are searchable using two filters: length of video or modality (chair, floor, standing, combination). You can also simply click on the title of a video to see the full description, which will let you know the primary focus, any props you might need, and the exact length of the video.
Floor + Standing 1Similar to a class you might find at a Viniyoga studio but targeted to the …15-minfloor-standing
Floor Practice 1Although its formal title is Floor Practice 1, I like to call this sequence "Conference …15-minfloor
Sample PracticeThis sample practice is gentle in nature and offers some adaptations that you can choose …15-minchair-standing
Hands 3 (and Wrists!)We just can't get enough stretches in for our hands, so here is another Yoga …5-10-minchair
Lower LegsHere we have a Yoga Swatch that will stretch and strengthen many little muscles throughout …5-10-minchair
Hands 2 (and Wrists!)Yes, here we have another Yoga Swatch to take care of your hands. This Swatch …0-5-minchair
Eyes 1Hello, Knitters! This Yoga Swatch will first give your eyes a nice stretch. You might …5-10-minchair
Upper Body 1This Yoga Swatch will be a treat for your upper body in general. Our upper …0-5-minchair
Shoulders 1This Yoga Swatch has some awesome moves that will feel so nice on your shoulders …0-5-minchair
Back 1Hello, Knitters! This Yoga Swatch stretches your back in several different directions and feels sooooo …0-5-minchair
Chest and Back 1Hello, Knitters! This Yoga Swatch will stretch your back and your chest. This will feel …0-5-minchair
Arms 1Here are some nice stretches for your arms, knitters! Because we often have our arms …0-5-minchair
Neck and Shoulders 1Does your neck, or even your jaw or your skull, ache from too much sitting …0-5-minchair
Hands 1This Yoga Swatch shows your hands and fingers some love. ¬†Adding the breath to your …0-5-minchair